About Patrick Masalko


The first thing you might notice about Masalko's music is its incredible diversity. The next thing you'll notice is that, despite the diversity, a singularity for personality informs all his music. These are the marks of musical artistry. His "lyrical songs" – tunes featuring vocals – tend toward folk, pop and rock flavors while his instrumental compositions embrace cinematic flavors and jam structures.

Ultimate Human Expression .. ..But whatever the style, Masalko believes on thing to be universal about music – its place at the pinnacle of man's communication. "Music is the ultimate human expression to me." He asserts that beauty is found in all music, no matter the style or mood. "Even the most depressing songs are the most beautiful to me. Music conveys emotions like confusion, happiness, sadness, anger and complacency." According to Masalko, there is no greater experience than feeling music's emotions coursing throughout the mind and body. And there are fans that could say the same thing about Masalko's music.

Perfect.. ..One reason, says Masalko, that music is the ultimate form of human communication is because, in his eyes, it is the perfect form. "Music is the perfect form of communication, even though it can be interpreted in so many ways. Music doesn't lie or try to conceal its true meaning; it's one of the purest things in the world." And because of his respect for inherent honesty, Masalko strives to be an honest songwriter, offering music straight from the heart.


The Artist At Work

     Masalko plays over 315 shows per year and has performed at the Planet of the Arts event at the Canton Civic Center in Canton, Ohio and at The Champlain Valley Expo in Vermont during the summer of 2004. One of his projects was the opening act for Blues Traveler at The Hall of Fame Ribs Burn-off at the Stark County Fairgrounds in 2006 and has taken the stage for Rocking on the River at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, multiple times. He is a regularly scheduled performer at Lock 3 Live! in Akron, Ohio, with Blood Sweat & Beers. In August of 2008 he opened for Vertigo with his 6-piece dance band, Tragic Magic on the Lock 3 Live! stage. He has also performed at The John S. Knight Center to help ring in 2007 and 2009 as part of Akron's First Night program. He regularly plays with Stark COunty heavyweights such as Matt Corey and Elec Simon. He has played numerous stages with names too many to mention. He regularly hosts an open-mic night in his hometown and offers free live recordings to the artists that help support local music. Lately, Masalko has been writing much in the way of solo acoustic music and electric funk. "This Time" by Masalko was released by 272 Records on Acoustika; Vol. 6 in October of 2007. He currently is a member of Blood Sweat and Beers and Chemical Wonders. Chemical Wonders has released their single, "Have Fun in California" and produced an EP in February of 2016 with Spencer Martin.


In the Studio

Patrick is currently recording solo music with Daniel and Nathaniel Monea from the hip pop group, Hey Monea, at their newly acquired studio.

Previous Groups.. ..Previous groups that Masalko has been a vocalist/guitarist in include Tragic Magic, Hooked on Tonics, American Grease and Orange-OK. He has been a member of the backing band that accompanies the Blues Brothers tribute, The Soul Men, based in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a closing acoustic performer for Asia and Kansas at Clay's Park during the Rockin' Resort Festival in July of 2009.

Since then major festivals that Masalko has played include Red, White and Boom and two more seasons at Clay's Park, including closing for Hoobastank and Theory of a Deadman. Blood Sweat and Beers was named Entertainers of the Year by the city of Dublin, Ohio in 2012.